Pre-Recorded Specialty Classes & Events

Cauldrons Three: A Journey through the Celtic Chakra Spiral 3 Class Yoga & Meditation Series

Pre-recorded yoga, guided energy work & meditation classes. Specifically crafted, not recorded from live classes.

$60~ CAD

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Devotion Yoga & Meditation 18 Class Series

Taught over six weeks, students of Devotion are asked to dedicated some time to themselves 3 times a week. We work on cultivating strength, courage, peace, love, wholeness and most importantly, trust in ourselves.

The series was designed to follow the Celtic Chakra Spiral & to introduce students to Mudras, mantras, affirmations and self-reflective journaling exercises. $180 CAD for more please click here.

The Phoenix Pre-Recorded Event

Arise! Phoenix and show us how to rise with grace!

We call in The Phoenix as well as our guardians, guides, and ancestors to gather around us in this practice of stretch, energy work, and guided journey. In our virtual circle, we cultivate a safe space to surrender to the powerful energies of change, rebirth, and renewal.

New Moon in Leo & Lion's Gate Portal, offer us celestial support as we transfigure and transform, integrating wisdom through every cell of our bodies.

We ask for guidance to move onto our brighter futures without carrying the weight of the past.

What have you been through to get where you are?

The triumphs and failures, the relentless striving, the call to dive deep into uncomfortable thoughts and ideas, the surrender, the desire to give up and turn back, as the pressure builds and builds.

What made you stick with it?

Brighter days ahead, wisdom, desire to grow, longing to belong, recovery, healing?

Whatever brought you here, you have made it! Put the weight into the safety and support of the earth beneath you, and release yourself to the mystery of life.

We stretch to prepare the body and help us to move what may be stuck or stagnant in our energetic body. Guided energy work will give you ways to visualize and influence the flow, movement, motion, transformation, and transmutation of our vital energy. Restore balance in the chakras, and bring peace to your mind and body.

In Yoga Nidra, you will experience complete relaxation and access the liminal space between this world and the other. In this space, The Phoenix will guide you, and you will arise refreshed! Perfect before bed to make a gentler transition to sleep.

Approx. 1hr 40mins class


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