Terms & Conditions

All fees paid are non-refundable once paid. All fees are due prior to class or service. If suitable notice is given clients/students will be given the option of a service or offer of equivalent value.

All purchases of pre-recorded classes and/or events are non-refundable.

By registering as a student of Chrysalis Invictus (Elizabeth Armstrong), I agree to the following:

I will be participating in yoga classes, health programs, workshops and other wellness, exercise and healing arts activities (collectively, the “Activities”) offered by Chrysalis Invictus. The “Activities” normally offered in the physical location of a Studio may be offered online by videos, television, podcasts, apps or other digital media or platforms. All of such offerings, either physical or online, shall be considered “Activities.”

I understand that “Activities” offered by Chrysalis Invictus may be physically strenuous and I voluntarily participate in them with full knowledge that there is risk of personal injury, property loss or death. I agree that I, my heirs, assigns or legal representatives will not sue or make any other claims of any kind whatsoever against Chrysalis Invictus, or its members for any personal injury, property damage/loss, or wrongful death, whether caused by negligence or otherwise.

All participants release Chrysalis Invictus, the owner, instructors and all employees of all liability regarding 1) any injury to self or others and 2) any loss or damage to personal property.

I understand that Tarot & Oracle readings and all other intuitive services are for entertainment purposes only. Chrysalis Invictus cannot offer legitimate financial, medical, and/or legal advice and is not liable for any decisions I make based on information I received through the website, videos, classes or any other services provided by Chrysalis Invictus.