Shadow Work

PLEASE NOTE** Only in-person Forest Sessions are available until December 2021**

Forest Sessions appointment times are available weekdays from 7 am-11 am. I will not accept bookings past 11 am. I only have 2 spots available so all bookings are first come first serve and are subject to approval.

What is Shadow Work?

Shadow work is a term first made popular by psycho-analyst and theorist Carl Jung. The purpose of shadow work is to explore the unconscious mind and uncover aspects of ourselves that have been subdued or forgotten due to traumatic events, emotional conditioning, or fear more generally.

In a spiritual context, shadow work is a method of uncovering our unique extrasensory gifts & abilities and recovering our personal power.

By integrating the tools and techniques of shadow work, we can enjoy a safe, ethical, balanced, and fulfilling spiritual life. Shadow work is, in essence, a way of understanding the self and others in a holistic way. We do not favour "good" or "light" nor do we (which is often misunderstood) favour "bad" or "dark" things. Shadow work is the understanding that in order to come to light we must first journey through the dark. When we adopt the principles of radical self-responsibility for our path-work and healing, we recognize that the world is a mirror. We begin to see our thoughts and actions reflected back to us in the situations and people that we meet.

Through this work, we can begin to stabilize our spiritual and magickal practices and abilities. If we choose to neglect our shadows the consequences can lead to sickness in all aspects of our lives--this does not mean you have to work with anyone or pay for a service to do this work. Shadow work is a personal journey and any guides or teachers should only be regarded as people who offer skills, tools, information etc. to help YOU heal yourself.

What is a Forest Session?

Important **I am only accepting bookings on weekdays from 7 am to 11 am (last booking time ends at 1 pm) I will only take MAX 2 clients per week so all bookings are subject to approval** Please wait for written confirmation from me before sending your deposit.

Forest Sessions are shadow work in motion. Discover potent healing in a natural setting. Every appointment is approximately 2 hours not including travel time. Locations are typically either within the city or 20 mins drive from central London. Only available from August 2021- December 2021

Upon booking a forest session you will be sent a location to meet and any instructions you might need for your session. Prepare for a walk in the wilderness with attunements and powerful exercises, guided meditations & lessons catered to your specific situation. If you do not have access to transportation we can arrange something via e-mail prior to your appointment.

Three Session minimum for the Forest option. You may want to choose to have one session a month or have all 3 in one week depending on what you are looking for.

Pay per session $160

3 Sessions $460

6 Sessions $900

A non-refundable deposit of $120 is required to secure your booking. The $120 goes toward your total balance owing so if you are paying per session you would pay a deposit of $120 then $120 per session after. If you are booking 3 sessions your balance owing before your first appointment is $340. For 6 sessions balance owing before the first appointment is $780.

All Prices are in CAD.

When is Shadow Work Needed?

Shadow work becomes necessary when we experience the crisis or decline after the euphoria of a spiritual awakening. Initially, spiritual awakenings are exciting and it can feel like a whole new universe has opened up to us. The high period is one of discovery, connection, ecstasy, and elation, like an ever-unfolding rose, the world opens itself up to us in ways we had never dreamed. Our magickal work and meditations seem to work effortlessly & we sometimes experience a boost in our mood and our confidence.

Like all highs, this euphoria inevitably comes to an end and this can lead to people taking extreme measures or spending a lot of time, money & effort trying to chase that first high. Our spell work seems to dry up, or our prayers or manifestations seem to become silent & stagnant. We may begin to wonder where we put our gods.

I call this the plateau.

On the plateau, we are called to look deeper into ourselves with all fantastic and amazing things removed, and unable to distract us anymore we make the choice to face the demons and shadows of our conscious & subconscious minds.

It is possible to stay on the plateau for the rest of your life but you will make great sacrifices to stay there. Often those who are stuck in this phase will not be able to reintegrate into society and they will seek only communities of like-minded people and protect themselves as delicate & precious, sometimes believing they are too evolved for the world.

There are plenty of institutions, gurus & leaders who are more than willing to sell us that high and their doctrine at a cost, and when we peel back the holographic lens we discover that everything they claim is more of the same--we can fill the plateau with illusions but they are only ever tricks of light. The light can only take us so far, we may recognize this as "spiritual bypassing", an illusion of growth in a controlled echo-chamber-like environment. On the plateau, we begin to sense and see that the way out is through ourselves.

Working with Me

**In-Person Forest Session ONLY until December 2021**

Private shadow work sessions are an opportunity to work with various spirit-led healing modalities to explore the more difficult aspects of our magickal, spiritual, and emotional journeys.

It is not necessary to have a guide or teacher for this work but I am here to help you if do.

Similar to life coaching, I will be your companion and your support for whatever work needs to be done at the time. Shadow work can bring up a lot of difficult and\or triggering emotions and memories so it is important that you feel safe, heard, & supported.

I will support you by facilitating guided meditations, energy work & healing, discussion, movement, tarot & oracle intuitive guidance, journaling, and reflective exercises. Sessions are entirely unique and may include any combination of the above.

In our first session, we will assess what themes or feelings you are needing assistance and I will introduce you to journey work and guided energy healing exercises to help build our energetic connection.

From there, all sessions are intuitively guided and unique based on your needs at that time. Some examples of future work might be: establishing relationships with your spiritual guides. identifying obsessive or intrusive thoughts, exploring core beliefs about worth & value or image, mapping the world of your subconscious mind, recognizing feelings & memories that are stored or trapped in the energetic or physical body, past-life and\or ancestral journey work.

It is important to commit to and dedicate some time to this work as it is an ongoing process and takes time to integrate what you learn and practice. I have two commitment options to help structure our time together.

Commitment Options

Your first 2- hour session is $200 and will be used toward the commitment of your choice.

If we choose not to work together there is no further financial commitment.

Deep Dive

Deep dive offers an intensity that is balanced by extra support from me and is an excellent option for those who value immersion. More time together means more to learn and you will leave our time together with a strong arsenal of tools and techniques to continue into the solo portion of your journey. With Deep Dive you may find that the integration process begins after our sessions together when you have more time and space between the work.

2- hour sessions twice a month for 3 months. 6 Sessions Total

$320\ month or $900 if paid in full

Shadow Weaving

The major difference here is time. This is an excellent option for more independent clients or for those who value more time and space to integrate between sessions.

2-hour sessions once a month for 3 months.

$160\month or $460 if paid in full

*All Shadow work Sessions are currently online only through Zoom

**All fees are non-refundable after purchase.