Personal Guidance

Personalized Classes

Custom guided meditations, journeys, and energy work can assist you in exploring various themes in your emotional & spiritual life.

Perhaps you have been guided to work on a specific emotion, idea, or with an Energy, entity. or deity & you need help connecting, understanding, and visualizing? Maybe you have reached a point in your personal practice where you are being called to learn something new?

Each custom session will be approximately 1hr and may include any of the following:

Guided Meditation, Visualization &/or Relaxation

Guided Energy Work, Chakra Balancing & Clearing

Celtic Shamanic-style Journeywork & Otherworld Exploration

Body Work & Movement (including breathing exercises)

Trance Journalling or Hypnotic Automatic Writing

I specialize in highly intense energy shifting working with my guides & teachers I will be shown a way to help you tune into what is happening in your energetic body. You may be given tools, initiations, activations. or specific guidance to take with you beyond the practice.

Contact me for a consultation and share more information about your situation & I will channel a practice that is specific to you. Not sure what you need? Not a problem, we can ask for what you need most and leave it up to our guides.

Some meditations will be guided in different postures or in connection with movements, others will be in traditional seated or reclined postures. Preferences can be discussed in your consultation e-mail.

With each purchase, you receive a permanent private video link so you can revisit the meditation whenever you like and it's just for you! You have the option to book a live session or simply receive a personalized recording.

Recording Only $100 CAD~

Live + Recording $140 CAD~

For personalized sessions longer than 1 hr please e-mail for rates & availability.